Petasil is a vibrant kids footwear brand.

Established in 1988 in the heart of Portugal’s historic shoe industry in St Joao da Madeira, Petasil create stylish, fashionable footwear whilst ensuring kids foot care is at the forefront.

This burgeoning fashion foward brand has even attracted more than its fair share of celebrity yummy mummy followers, hardly surprising when the quality of the brand is considered. All Petasil footwear is crafted from the finest quality leather and the soles are produced to be as flexible and durable as possible.

They are durable structured shoes, made to offer comfort and support during long school days and terms.

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Petasil Fashion

Check out this fun collection with the latest release of Petasil Fashion shoes! Great styles with all the quality you’re used seeing in Petasil shoes.

Real Leather
Easy Fit
High Quality Materials
Made in Portugal

Eco Friendly Collection

Petasil step in a new direction with an awareness of our changing climate and environment issues! We have created a collection that is even mor ECO Friendly with fahshion forward styles with a utility street look and feel!

Recycled Textile from Old Clothes
Recycled Textile from Plastic Bottles
Recycled Soles
Cork Comfort Insoles
Also Suitable for Vegans

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Vegan Friendly Shoes

PETASIL is releasing the vegan friendly line with three models available to order!
A Brand new approach to all style and quality that petasil is known for, but now with zero animal product.

Breathable Microfiber Lining
Zero Animal Product
Natural Cork Insole
Amazonian Natural Rubber

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Samphire Sandals

Samphire by Petasil is a fun, seasonal, washable group of leather sandals that is part of the Petasil range, also produced in Portugal, but with a distinctive feel and look designed to be practical yet fabulous.

They are made out of a specially developed leather that is designed to cope with getting wet and drying out; they are machine washable and resilient to most things the outside can throw at them.

Machine Washable at 30º
Water Safe*
Cushioned Footbed
Flexible Sole
Leather Upper
Leather Foot Sock

*can be worn in water. Should not be used in chlorine pools or parks.

Where to SHOP for Samphire?

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